Cookies & Pastries

All orders are by dozen unless otherwise specified.
Individual packaging is available at extra cost.

Decorated Sugar Cookies
・Flavours - Vanilla, chocolate, lemon, green tea or strawberry.
・Minimum order for decorated cookies is 6 pieces of same design/shape, then by piece after initial 6 pieces.
・Cookies are fondant covered and decorated.
・Individual packaging (cellophane bag & skinny ribbon) available for $0.75 each and up.
・Minimum 2 week notice required.

・Regualar - Almond, pecan, dried apricot, cranberry & currant.
・Chocolate - Almond & pecan, lavender. (optional)
・Order by 25 pieces, minimum 50 pieces of same flavour.  Minimum 1 week notice required.

All orders are by dozen, minimum 2 dozen of same kind.  Minimum 2 week notice required.

Profiteroles (Mini or Regular)
Plain or glazed with white or dark chocolate with choice of fillings:
Pastry cream - Vanilla, Hoji (Japanese Roast Tea), Dark Chocolate, Green Tea, Hazelnut Mocha.
Mousse - Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate Passion Fruit, Mango.

Dorayaki (Mini or Regular)
Japanese pancake sandwiches with choice of fillings:
Cream - Azuki (Red Bean), Chestnut.

Mini Fruit Tarts
Choice of fillings - Pastry cream, Dark Chocolate ganache.
Choice of fruit toppings - Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry & Blackberry or mixed.

Whole Cakes (One week notice required)
Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake - Made with Lindt dark chocolate. 7" $40
Souflle Cheesecake - Japanese style cheescake. 7" $35
Strawberry Shortcake - 7" $40