All buttercream are White or Dark Chocolate based.
Fruit compote, chocolate ganache or custard cream filling available at extra cost.
Fondant glaze - White or Chocolate, white fondant can be colored upon request at no extra cost
*White Chocolate buttercream can be coloured upon request at no extra cost.


Bitter? n’ Sweet

Dark Chocolate Chiffon + Salted Caramel Buttercream

Blushin' Pink *
Vanilla Chiffon + Strawberry Buttercream

Citru-licious *
Vanilla Chiffon + Lemon Buttercream
Vanilla Lemon Chiffon + Lemon Buttecream

Cocoa Euphoria
Dark Chocolate Chiffon + Dark Chocolate Buttercream
Dark Chocolate Chiffon + Dark Chocolate Orange Buttercream

Let‘s Get Fruity! *
Vanilla Chiffon + Mango Buttercream
Vanilla Chiffon + Passion Fruit Buttercream
Vanilla Chiffon + Raspberry Buttercream

Nutty Mocha
Dark Chocolate Chiffon + Hazelnut Mocha Buttercream

Princess Erin’s All Time Favourite *
Vanilla chiffon + White chocolate buttercream

Shirokuro *
Vanilla Chiffon + Dark Chocolate Buttercream
Dark Chocolate Chiffon + White Chocolate Buttercream

Something For The Monkeys!
Banana Chiffon + Salted Caramel Buttercream
Banana Chiffon + Dark Chocolate Buttercream


A Walk In The Lavender Field
Lavender Chiffon + White Chocolate Buttercream
Lavender Chiffon + Lemon Buttercream

Cookies N' Cream
Dark Chocolate Chiffon + Oreo Buttercream
Vanilla Chiffon + Oreo Buttercream

Going Green
Green Tea Chiffon + Green Tea Buttercream
Vanilla Chiffon + Green Tea Buttercream

Hoji (Japanese Roast Tea) Chiffon + Hoji Buttercream

Vanilla Chiffon + Black Sesame Buttercream

Royal High Tea *
Earl Grey Chiffon + Earl Grey Buttercream
Earl Grey Chiffon + White Chocolate Buttercream